There are obvious health benefits to running. Running is a form of exercise, not a sport. I’m not saying that running is the only way to lose weight. But it is an effective weight-loss tool that can be used virtually any time and has a wide range of health benefits.

The obvious benefits of running include physical endurance, endurance, flexibility, and the overall sense of well-being that comes from being active in something more than a stationary machine. Not only that, but running is far less dangerous than many other forms of exercise, such as jogging.

Running is also a low-impact exercise commonly known as “orphan exercise.” This means that, while it will not make you go paralyze, it won’t kill you either. In fact, being a good runner means you are very unlikely to come down with a serious disease and you will stay healthy through your 50’s and 60’s.

Many runners have stories about their coming to surprising, and then surprising, durability at the ripe old age of 60. Many of them are alcoholics or on medications and don’t know that they have made it past the age of 70. It simply means that running is “the new look.” The new-look saying is that you can still have a shape and form to your body that is simultaneously great looking and high performance.

If you want to get started, find a good running club in your area and invest in a good pair of running shoes. Get some friends together and discuss what you want to run. Once you identify a group of runners that you like and can join, plan a reasonable goal and work toward that goal. Usually a pretty easy effort with good friends. Once you’re out there, it really is all about marketing yourself.

Essentially, you should track your progress, which is how you stay motivated. How many miles a day do you run. Do you go too fast or too slow? Are you out of breath? Do you want to be able to keep a conversation going when you’re out and about? Are you aware of when you are improving, and when you’re not doing so well?

A client was recently at a running show and she was terrific. She came in second place, which was just amazing. At the end of the show, she was doing pole position, which is normally where the crowd favorite is taken before the loser is awarded the title. Well, she was definitely a winner. She said that it was very hard for her, just doing the race for the first time.

So she next tried the course that we had specially designed for her. It was hard, but she made it and was awarded the prize that she deserves – our gala celebration!

Having a contest is not something that we take lightly. It is very important that each of our clients is aware of how important the display is at the booth, and that we make every effort to encourage participation. We find that it is easier to stay healthy and active when every one of us is conscious of our responsibilities. Consider that our responsibility to our members is also an important part of our service commitment.