Spark: Business Leadership Events


Spark is a noun.

Spark is a verb.

Each woman in business contains that spark – that fiery passion to create a life and business of her dreams, the irrepressible ambition to share her gifts with the world AND enjoy financial, emotional, spiritual freedom.

And each woman has the unique ability to spark that fire in her sisters – by being a powerful, generous leader who inspires others to step up and play big.

When women come together to fuel this fire within themselves and each other, radical changes in their businesses AND the community are possible.

The Spark Business Leadership event series is an invitation for change-making, progressive women business leaders to connect with each other and receive the necessary business training and support to become inspiring business leaders in their community.

Each event in the series (held monthly) will be focused on fostering real, meaningful connections with other women AND on yin+yang trainings. There will be two interactive talks by experts: one for developing your inner/personal skills and the other on practical/business/strategic skills.


CREDO Conduit
1001 North Orange Ave
Orlando, FL 32801


Thursday, March 15th, 2018. 6pm to 8pm
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