A Return to Self: 
A 7-Week Program in Mindful, Balanced Living for High-Performing Women

Does this sound like you?
  • You’re exceptional at what you do but other aspects of your life - your health, relationships, self-care, dreams - are taking a hit because you don’t know how to “switch off”.
  • You have a full plate with work, family and community responsibilities and you can’t remember the last time you spent time with yourself without an agenda.
  • You want to re-integrate and welcome your feminine nature back into your life and work
  • You find that as soon as you reach a milestone or achieve that goal, there’s still another long list of things to do, leaving you no time to celebrate or rest before you move on.

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Lisa Beaury,Healing Alternatives

"As a typical “Type A” person I have always been so action and task oriented that I had forgotten how to be gentle and relaxed in my work. Puja has this kind, yet firm way of directing you back into those nurturing, yet very powerful parts of yourself. I feel that my work has been more productive, I am happier and I am more aligned with my authentic self."

It's Time To Come Home To Yourself

We’re entering a new era in human consciousness.

An era where women are stepping into their full potential and power as leaders.

But we can’t do this with the old systems of living, creating and business building.

Systems that weren’t created with women in mind and don’t honor our unique gifts and challenges.

For too many of us, thee systems have resulted in exhaustion, burn out, resentment and joylessness.

In this 7 week private coaching program you’ll re-connect with the regenerative source within you that brings you strength, wisdom and power.  So you can bring your best self out into the world without drying up on your reserves.

  • Manage your energy to support your well-being
  • Organize your time so you have time for what+who you love
  • Deal with overwhelm and create healthy boundaries
  • Embrace your feminine gifts at work and home
  • Say no without guilt or shame
  • Leverage your emotional and cyclical energies
  • Utilize my advanced mindset strategies to get out of any funk

A Return to Self program is seven weeks long and covers seven essential inner resources of a woman

In vedic scriptures, seven is recognized as a spiritual and sacred number. It represents creation, rebirth and starting anew.

The Anatomy of 'A Return to Self'

During the course of this program we will cover seven aspects of your life and strengthen each of them through coaching, techniques and practices that will make you aligned and balanced:

Private Coaching

Weekly private coaching sessions with Puja for support and inner work

Client Center 

Additional resources like audios, meditations and play sheets to access on-the-go

FB Group

A safe and playful space for you to connect, support other women

Customized Gifts

Hand-picked gifts to support you on this journey of expansion and centering.

What Women Are Saying

Alicia Culp, Axis Capital

"I was swirling. I was very stressed. Stressed energy that left me empty. Puja’s program provided a loving, supporting focus on the joy of being a woman; celebrating our special characteristics in mind, body and spirit. Also, she’s a no nonsense coach that can help you to cut through mental barriers and excel."

Cheryl Collins,Orlando Ballet

"The biggest gift of my time with Puja is that I’m no longer living in and operating from fear. She’s helped me focus with tools and guidance on a reality that I wouldn’t have access to myself. Working with Puja has provided a gentle way for me to look inward at myself, my behavior, hopes and dreams to achieve happiness and balance."

Claudia, HR Manager

"Thanks to Puja I’ve reached a point where my peace is of outmost importance and I’m not willing to waste energy on anything that is not adding value to my life. Puja empowers women to live in abundance and be successful by tapping into their feminine power and unique womanly qualities. I’ve learned deep self love, making self care a priority and felt empowered and energized by the program."

Ashley Vaughn,Consultant, BrightStar

"My life was pretty hectic before the program, and I was dealing with a lot of limiting self talk and practices. I have let go of some emotional things that I was letting take up too much space in my life. Also I have developed habits that allow me to tap into my creative energy on a regular basis and subdue the daily anxiety that I deal with at work."

About Puja Madan

I grew up in India and lived a double life throughout my twenties - launching products and managing teams for tech startups while ardently seeking spiritual wisdom and traveling to meet enlightened masters and mystics: learning meditative techniques and metaphysical healing.

A health crisis in 2008 became the cosmic message I needed to blend these two worlds. Since moving to America, I’ve developed a radical new system for ambitious women that works from the inside out. A system that has helped hundreds of ambitious women - CEOs, executives, business owners and coaches - create alignment, balance and a deep connection to their inner resources, so they can be a force of good in the world while enjoying an abundance of joy, time, energy and freedom.

Enrollment is via conversation only