Optimize Your Productivity With Your Body’s Rhythms

When women joined the workforce a 100+ years ago, they plugged into a system of business building and productivity that was designed by men, for men.
Being the brilliant geniuses we are, we aced those systems and rose to the top.

But it hasn’t been without a cost. Women experience far higher stress levels when they try and work the masculine model. Actually, we are different in our productivity and creativity styles.

Let me explain…

Here’s an image showing the hormonal changes a man goes through in a 28-30 day cycle:
And here’s an image showing the hormonal changes a woman goes through in the same period of 28-30 days:
Big. Difference.
Not only do we have to completely disconnect from these changes in order to show up at work, we’re also taught that our hormones are complicated, annoying things.

Truth is, our hormonal system gives us a perfect blueprint to build an optimized schedule. 

For instance, have you noticed that you’re more relaxed and detailed oriented during certain times of the month, and very high-energy and eager to learn new things during certain others?

Like the seasons of the year, we too go through four seasons in every 28 day moon cycle and each season brings with it certain gifts.

Let’s take our current season, autumn for example. This season is all about organizing, setting boundaries and moving from the expansive nature of summer to the contractive, introspective nature of autumn. It’s a great time to begin projects that focus more on the internal – cultivating mind, body and spirit through introspection.

In exactly the same way, we go through the same four seasons in the month and each season guides us through different activities and energies.

As we align with these energies, we get more done in less time and with less effort.

Let me ask you: which season in your moon cycle are you in? Spring, summer, autumn or winter? Some indicators are: your energy levels, food cravings, tendency to do certain types of tasks, desire to be alone or around others etc.

And if you want to understand how your internal rhythms affect your productivity, inner peace and happiness, then check out my 7-week program for high-performing women ‘A Return to Self‘.

Isn’t it ironic
 that we trust nature to know what it is doing: we are infinitely provided for: the furniture in our homes, the food on our plates, everything we need. Yet when it comes to our own natural rhythms and cycles, we remain unsure, unable to fully own the wisdom and intelligence in our body, mind and heart.

Let’s change all that. Are you with me? 

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Puja Madan
Puja Madan is a Stevie-award winning leadership coach supporting entrepreneurs build their business with intentional productivity and mindfulness.

Puja’s qualifications include an MBA, 14+ years in tech startups and business strategy, meditation and spiritual development from India. She
contributes regularly to publications like the Washington Post, the Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen and ElephantJournal.