How The Mother Wound Impacts Women’s Success and Empowerment

This isn’t going to be a popular post. I’m going to talk about the underbelly of women’s empowerment: the mother wound

Before I talk about the mother wound, here’s why it’s important.

There’s a fundamental requirement if women are going to succeed and enjoy true empowerment in these times.

That requirement is the need for women to stick together in deep love and support for each other.

This hasn’t exactly been the case, as history tells us:

The suffragette movement was vehemently opposed by other women who didn’t believe women deserved the right to vote.

The Equal Rights Amendment was vehemently opposed by women who didn’t believe men and women should have the same rights.

And more recently the Paycheck Fairness Act too was vehemently opposed by women who didn’t believe women should earn the same as men.

This is the mother wound: the pain women carry, often unconsciously, in a patriarchal culture where men must be protected and revered, even if it means dispensing with other women.

(I talk about this in my interview on the Liberated Woman podcast with the brilliant and heart-centered Amber Chalus. We discuss how generational and ancestral patterns can stay with us unless we consciously break them. It’s around the half way mark)

One of my friends sent me this message the other day

So here we are: forced to look at everything not of love: both within and around us.

As we explore this mother wound, I invite you to ask these questions:

  1. What does power mean to you? Is it sourced within you or outside?
  2. Have you ever felt betrayed or misunderstood by your mother?
  3. Do your sisters feel fully seen and fully heard by you? If yes, what choices have you made to be that safe space for them? If not, what choices can you make to be that safe space for them?
  4. Are you surrounded by those who love and adore you deeply? Are your gifts amplified and your weaknesses loved up?

I can’t claim to know all the answers either. But I’m willing to do the hard inner work to get there. Join me in the private FB group The High Performing Soulpreneur and share your thoughts.

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