Thank You For Your Purchase!

Thank you for your Meditation Bundle purchase!

We’re excited to share the digital downloads of the five guided meditations with you.

Below you will find the link to download your meditation bundle as well as downloading them to your iPhone or iPad.

IMPORTANT: Please click the link below from your laptop or desktop computer. The link will allow you to automatically download the MP3 files on to your computer. It will NOT work if you click from your phone or tablet.

Click here to download your meditation bundle

The file you will download comes with a PDF with instructions for ‘Meditation for Crystal Clarity’. Please refer to it after you’ve completed the meditation.

Please read these instructions properly in order to access these meditations on your iPad or iPhone.

From your computer:

  • Click the link above from your computer/laptop
  • Download the meditation files called ‘Meditations by Puja’ onto your computer.
  • Add them to your computer’s iTunes library.
  • Connect your iPad or iPhone to your computer’s iTunes
  • Copy these meditation tracks over to it.