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The Messy Road to Clarity (Includes Free Meditation)

The Yin and Yang of Productivity

Can Ayurvedic Profiling Make You More Productive?

I received my health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. The school’s founder Joshua Rosenthal, from the get-go Joshua stressed the importance of bio-individuality: like out thumbprints, we are all unique and so are our dietary requirements. One woman’s food is another woman’s poison. Or Different folks for different folks. The same concept […] Read more…

Feminine Leadership: The Way of The Future

I spent my 20s living a double life in India. One saw me work in various management positions in the tech start-up industry, launching products, managing teams, keeping insane hours and making more money than I could spend. Another path saw me meditating, traveling to meet enlightened masters, exploring eastern mysticism, alternative health, Yoga, Tai […] Read more…

Inspiration: Darkness, Spirituality and Ancient Wisdom

Your weekly dose of inspiration. Enjoy 🙂 From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed My article is featured on T1Q’s blog! I share four mantras to pursue your life purpose without burning out. Aligning with our purpose can be invigorating and exciting but can soon become overwhelming as we’re faced with endless lists of thing to do to […] Read more…

The Productivity Map in Your Period

Inspiration: Rumi, Magic Mike and the Motherwound

Creative Problem Solving with Zen Concepts

Finding Clarity and Peace Through Primary & Secondary Emotions

One of my clients is going through some big life changes. She’s stepping into and owning her power. But as women this isn’t always easy, especially if these changes are at the workplace. We’re programmed to not upset the apple cart and boy, she is really upsetting the apple cart, leaving a toxic work environment that isn’t serving her well anymore. When we spoke last week she said to me “I’m having deep anxiety about this. There is a lot of guilt and this sense that I’m abandoning those who rely on me” We did a quick meditation and I asked: “If we peel the layers of guilt and […] Read more…

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