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The Messy Road to Clarity (Includes Free Meditation)

The Yin and Yang of Productivity

Can Ayurvedic Profiling Make You More Productive?

I received my health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. The school’s founder Joshua Rosenthal, from the get-go Joshua stressed the importance of bio-individuality: like out thumbprints, we are all unique and so are our dietary requirements. One woman’s food is another woman’s poison. Or Different folks for different folks. The same concept […] Read more…

Feminine Leadership: The Way of The Future

I spent my 20s living a double life in India. One saw me work in various management positions in the tech start-up industry, launching products, managing teams, keeping insane hours and making more money than I could spend. Another path saw me meditating, traveling to meet enlightened masters, exploring eastern mysticism, alternative health, Yoga, Tai […] Read more…

The Productivity Map in Your Period

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